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will be slimming the military budget, something hagel has had no qualms about in the past. in a 2011 interview with "the financial times" hagel said, "the defense has gotten everything it's wanted the last ten years and more. there's a tremendous amount of bloat in the pentagon and that has to be scaled back." hagel would also be tasked with managing the withdrawal of 66,000 u.s. troops from afghanistan by 2014. it is a position on which hagel has disagreed with the president, having opposed obama's troop surge in his first term, but it is on the issue of the iraq invasion that hagel has dramatically severed ties with his own party. a defection likely to cause some problems on the right along with earlier statements on the "jewish lobby." regardless of all of this, the white house thinks hagel's nomination will pass. talking points circulated by the administration earlier this morning highlight hagel's combat service, his bipartisan appeal
the turtle neck do what it does. it can be slenderizing and slimming, and the turtle neck can also hide the turkey neck a little bit, if you have ishdz there. what candace has has put on way too many necklaces, big earrings. we've taken all that off. >> yes. >> we've given her a classic pair of hoops. think audrey hepburn. >> you'll never go wrong. >> we gave her a classic set of hoops, a diamond accent, and a cuff. she's ready to go. let the turtle neck do what it does. there's no reason to over do. less is best. >> candace, thanks. >> we all have a v-neck, and on the v-neck, who knows what the heck to put there because there's lots of open space. put a big statement necklace, but you say this is a no. this is what she should not be doing. what's wrong here? >> there's a lot of space between here and here. precious real estate. >> right. >> she's got a gorgeous decollete, so why not let her friends show a little bit. let it shine. >> let them shine. >> all right. >> now let's look at her. her decollette is open and shining. >> yes. >> she's -- >> it actually makes her look taller. >> s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2